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Building A pressure washing flatbed!

Our window cleaning, gutter cleaning, house washing, and roof cleaning are reasonably priced, and that’s partly due to our economical mindset.  A huge, extra duty truck isn’t necessary for our type of work, and instead of taking on that expense, and increasing our prices, we’ll just save some cash and use smaller, easier to repair trucks.

I bought a few older Mazda b2200 trucks within the past year, and am going to turn one into a little flatbed for the pressure washing and roof cleaning services.


IMG_20160311_121722825It’s a great running little truck, gets 25mpg, and basically needs some cosmetic work. Maces auto body in Cambridge is going to paint it white, and I’ve already purchased a little oak and aluminum bed for it.

I removed the bed this past week.



Update!!! 3/16/16

I just got a text from the body shop, and the paint job is done! I’m looking forward to getting the bed installed in the next week or so.




adminBuilding A pressure washing flatbed!
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