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Spring is here!

Spring is here! Window cleaning, gutter cleaning, low pressure house washing, non pressure roof cleaning. Serving Cambridge, Easton, Saint Michaels, Oxford, Chestertown, Annapolis, Ocean City, Centerville.

Treat your home right with spot Services Deluxe cleaning treatments. We will clean the mildew right off of your home with low pressure. This method is safer and more effective than using a high pressure pressure washing system.

If you have black streaks or mold / moss growing on your roof call us for your non pressure roof cleaning treatment. Our procedure features a chemical process applied with very little pressure which instantly bring the shingles appearance back to life. This method also does not cause any damage whatsoever to the shingle surface and is backed up by our exclusive three-year guarantee. If any streaks or Moss return within the next three years we will clean it free of charge.

Our gutter cleaning services are offered at three different service levels.  Basic service consists of removing all Leaf debris from all visible gutters and downspouts in disposing of it sanitarily. Power Deluxe service features the addition of a low pressure water flush to make sure that there are no blockages and everything is Running Free and Clear. Are premium service features the use of a high pressure water flush which brings the gutters functionality to like-new Performance removing all shingle grit and embedded dirt.

Call spot services for your next window cleaning. We clean windows in Easton and Cambridge and all over the Eastern Shore. We also offer three different levels of service. Basic includes the washing of the exterior of your home’s Windows. Deluxe features both and interior and exterior window cleaning and the white down of the window-sills. Are premium service is both interior and exterior plus the removal and washing of all the screens and the wiping down of the entire frames of the windows.

Call spot Services now to schedule your next estimate, estimates are always free. 410-822-4144



adminSpring is here!
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