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Gutter Cleaning in Stevensville

Today I travelled to complete a gutter cleaning in Stevensville.  The customer called and informed me that she and her husband had previously cleaned a few feet of the gutering themselves, but were afraid to go on the roof because of health conditions.  I gave her a price idea over the phone, she agreed to the price range, and we booked the appointment.  On

Stevensville Gutter Cleaning

Stevensville Gutter Cleaning

ce i arrived and started cleaning out the debris i realized that the price i quoted her was a little to high, so I reduced it to my minimum charge of $125.  She was happy and actually let me put up a yard sign to advertise my services in her area.  I didnt get to take too many photos, but heres a couple….

Gutter Cleaning in Stevensville Md

Gutter Cleaning in Stevensville Md

My goal is to always give the customer their money’s worth. So in this instance i decided to go ahead and rinse the gutters out, usually featured on the deluxe service, for no additional charge.


If you would like to schedule a gutter cleaning in Stevensville, Chestertown, or any of the surroinding areas, please call for a free estimate- 410-822-4144

Many homeowners each year imjure themselves around the home cleaning their gutters.  What would could have simply cost as little as $125 could turn into thousands in hospital bills and lost time at the job and pleasurable activites.

Thanks A LOT for your interest in SPOT Services……..

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