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Spring is underway! Schedule your Window Cleaning, House Wash, or Roof Cleaning with us!

Spring is finally here!!!

YES!!! That’s what I say.   We’ve been pretty busy with jobs and estimates, helping our customers get their houses back in shape.  A few previous window cleaning customers have had us return to do this years windows and pressure washing.  A customer we provided gutter cleaning for in Salisbury a few years ago had us return for a low-pressure house wash, and we’ve had quite a few brand new customers book jobs.

House Wash performed in Salisbury

House Wash performed in Salisbury

Here’s a job we did in Easton;12966293_1259405827421835_645354647_n

Easton MD House Wash and Window Cleaning

Easton MD House Wash and Window Cleaning

We’ve also had quite a few estimates for our newly featured low pressure roof cleaning.  It’s actually a vital service to help extend the life of your roof.  It removes all the algae and organic material that actually is EATING YOUR ROOF.  We use a low pressure system that applies a  detergent mix recommended by shingle manufacturers, which immediately – within 20 minutes- removes all the black algae streaks that develop on modern day roofing materials.  Each roof cleaning includes a 3 year streak free, which if any streaks reoccur during that time period, we will clean them for free.

Our low pressure house wash is completely safe for nearly all types of siding, and removes the mildew and grime right on time!  You can watch the green turn to brown, then see us wash it down.  Chances are, we’re in your town, so if you’d like a free estimate just call us and we’ll put your name and address down.  If you opt for our premium house wash, we’ll follow up with a wax application and a 2 year green-free guarantee!  IF you redevelop any green in the following two years after we do the work we’ll clean those sections for free, under your warranty.

If your needing any service we offer, please call 822-4144, and we’ll get your price ready!

Thanks a lot! Spot!

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adminSpring is underway! Schedule your Window Cleaning, House Wash, or Roof Cleaning with us!

Easton MD House wash and siding cleaning. Driveway and sidewalks pressure washing.

This past week we were called on to perform a pressure washing and house wash service in Easton MD.  The homeowner was away, but was confident in our service. It turned out great! Here’s some photos-

House wash and siding cleaning. Pressure washing in Easton MD

House wash and siding cleaning. Pressure washing in Easton MD

As you can see the black mildew on the soffit was removed and the green algae on the siding was cleaned.  All of that was done using LOW PRESSURE. Yes, low pressure.  Not at one point during the house washing was a high pressure nozzle used to clean any aspect of the siding, soffit, dormers or windows.  Once finished the house, it was time to direct attention to the driveway and sidewalks.  The surfaces were soaped, using our effective detergents which release the dirt and grime, and let sit for a few minutes.  Once they were starting to dry a 20″ specialized surface cleaner attachment, made just for this purpose, was connected to the pressure washer.  It’s designed for use in such a way that the technician simply needs to walk behind it and continually move forward. As he walks forward, the spinning pressure tips clean the surface, providing the dramatic results you see in the above photo.

Check out our surface cleaner in action!

Thats how it works! Almost miraculous, right?  This cleaning will last for years and Is the best, safest, and fastest way to clean concrete and hard surfaces.

If you’d like a price idea for a house wash or concrete cleaning on your home, please just contact us through the info provided on the top of this page, or fill out the instant pricing form by clicking “Give Me A Bid”.  As always, all the work Spot Services is 100% Guaranteed and fully Insured for your peace of mind.  Thanks A LOT for Choosing Spot Services!

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adminEaston MD House wash and siding cleaning. Driveway and sidewalks pressure washing.

Gutter Cleaning in Stevensville

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Today I travelled to complete a gutter cleaning in Stevensville.  The customer called and informed me that she and her husband had previously cleaned a few feet of the gutering themselves, but were afraid to go on the roof because of health conditions.  I gave her a price idea over the phone, she agreed to the price range, and we booked the appointment.  On

Stevensville Gutter Cleaning

Stevensville Gutter Cleaning

ce i arrived and started cleaning out the debris i realized that the price i quoted her was a little to high, so I reduced it to my minimum charge of $125.  She was happy and actually let me put up a yard sign to advertise my services in her area.  I didnt get to take too many photos, but heres a couple….

Gutter Cleaning in Stevensville Md

Gutter Cleaning in Stevensville Md

My goal is to always give the customer their money’s worth. So in this instance i decided to go ahead and rinse the gutters out, usually featured on the deluxe service, for no additional charge.


If you would like to schedule a gutter cleaning in Stevensville, Chestertown, or any of the surroinding areas, please call for a free estimate- 410-822-4144

Many homeowners each year imjure themselves around the home cleaning their gutters.  What would could have simply cost as little as $125 could turn into thousands in hospital bills and lost time at the job and pleasurable activites.

Thanks A LOT for your interest in SPOT Services……..

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adminGutter Cleaning in Stevensville

Brick entranceway and pathway pressure washing in Cambridge

This Friday, March 18, I had the pleasure of bringing back to life these brick sidewalks for this residential customer.  The house was built 14 years ago and hadn’t been cleaned since. As you can see, they turned out great!


The process began on this beautiful

Sidewalk pressure washing in Cambridge.

Sidewalk pressure washing in Cambridge.

IMG_20160318_112031343IMG_20160318_135322042IMG_20160318_135353738IMG_20160318_100548622IMG_20160318_135334190Friday, around 9:15 am.  I started by soaking the brick in a soap solution.  The soap makes the dirt come off much easier. Although I still have to use high pressure, the soap makes the cleaning much faster and actually better.

When it came time to actually clean the brick I used a 20″ professional model surface cleaner.  A surface cleaner looks like a flying saucer with handles, and functions almost like a lawnmower.  The water from the pressure washer is diverted to two separate nozzles at the end of a spinning bar, and the bar spins like a lawnmower blade.  As it spins, I, the operator, walk forward and presto! The brick is clean!  That saves me tons of time versus using a pressure washer gun and doing it inch by inch, and it does a better job as well.

If you’d like your sidewalk, driveway, or brick walkway cleaned, I’d be more than happy to help.  Estimates are always free, and are based on the square footage of the job, as well as how dirty it is.

Spring is coming, and id be more than happy to schedule your cleaning in Cambridge.

Please just call me at my *special number* 1-855-WASHN’-IT … Or the local number 410-822-4144 and give me the details of your project.

Thanks a lot! For choosing Spot!


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adminBrick entranceway and pathway pressure washing in Cambridge

Make sure you hire the right pressure washing and window cleaning contractor!

spot services easton logo

Hire the right pressure washing and window cleaning company for your needs!

Spring is here!!!! – And most are getting ready for some cleaning around the house. Whether you live in Easton, Cambridge, Annapolis, Chestertown or somewhere in between, you have a large selection of companies to consider for your cleaning needs.

If your price shopping, you’ll likely receive a host of estimates, ranging from “dirt cheap”,  to “more than I’d expect” from different service providers.  That is to be expected, and here’s some reasons why:

  Business costs–  an established business generally prices things higher, due to the cost of truly professional equipment and INSURANCES, not to mention vehicle and equipment maintenance.  Their goal is not to make some quick cash for the summer, but to be there for the customer this year and the following years.  They might have started pricing things cheaper when they first began, but realized that their running costs weren’t being adequately met with their prices.  In the effort to run a true, reliable and legitimate service business, they inform the customer of their price changes and move forward.

Demand: As a reputable company grows, so does the demand for its goods.  Some companies use its “demand” as an excuse for higher prices, and you become a victim of over-paying for the name, or brand, rather than the service you are receiving.  Truly ethical companies provide excellent service at a reasonable price, and while yes, making a profit, also ensure that their running costs are met and the customers are satisfied with the results.

Education in their field of expertise:  “It’s easy to judge a book by it’s cover” is something we’ve all heard, and it really is true. Until you’ve read, examined, and studied the subject at hand, how can you be confident in the procedures and methods you have to reach the desired result?  A company educated in its field can demand a higher price because of the results it will achieve.  It can also demand a higher price because of what it won’t do- cause damage to your home or property.  Only hire people who know what they are doing, and can express their knowledge through intelligent conversation.  You want someone who knows what they are doing, not a “know-it-all ” who tries to impress you with their confidence.  Ask for some insight into the problem, and possibly some photos of previously completed jobs.

I’m Scott the owner of Spot Services, and I can honestly say here at Spot Services your projects are important to us, and we’d love to help you with them.  Throughout the years we’ve developed a solid reputation for reliable, reasonably priced, and trust-worthy work and would love to add your project to our calendar.  As you could have guessed, our prices may not always be the cheapest, but we’ve invested in our equipment and management systems to better serve our customers and always provide top-notch service we hope you’d brag about.

Think about us for your next: House washing, siding cleaning, gutter cleaning, non pressure roof cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, and hard water stain removal projects. And please remember we serve Cambridge 21613 | Easton 21601 | Hurlock 21643 | East New Market 21631 | Trappe 21673 | Vienna 21869 | Church Creek 21622 | Oxford 21654 | Royal Oak

Call today for a free estimate!


Or go to our home page and fill out the form for your instant price.

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adminMake sure you hire the right pressure washing and window cleaning contractor!

Solar panel cleaning|Cambridge 21613|Easton 21601|Chestertown 21620

Green Energy?

Solar panel cleaning saves energy.

Solar panel cleaning saves energy.

If you power your house or business with solar panels consider getting them cleaned. Dirty solar panels reduce the efficiency and electrical output of the panels, costing you money. Get them cleaned annually, or twice annually and save! Our methods are safe for all glass types and won’t void manufacturers warranties. Call 410-822-4144 to schedule your cleaning. Spot Services

We service Cambridge 21613 | Easton 21601 | Chestertown 21620 and all surrounding areas.

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adminSolar panel cleaning|Cambridge 21613|Easton 21601|Chestertown 21620

Building A pressure washing flatbed!

Our window cleaning, gutter cleaning, house washing, and roof cleaning are reasonably priced, and that’s partly due to our economical mindset.  A huge, extra duty truck isn’t necessary for our type of work, and instead of taking on that expense, and increasing our prices, we’ll just save some cash and use smaller, easier to repair trucks.

I bought a few older Mazda b2200 trucks within the past year, and am going to turn one into a little flatbed for the pressure washing and roof cleaning services.


IMG_20160311_121722825It’s a great running little truck, gets 25mpg, and basically needs some cosmetic work. Maces auto body in Cambridge is going to paint it white, and I’ve already purchased a little oak and aluminum bed for it.

I removed the bed this past week.



Update!!! 3/16/16

I just got a text from the body shop, and the paint job is done! I’m looking forward to getting the bed installed in the next week or so.




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adminBuilding A pressure washing flatbed!

Spring is here!

Spring is here! Window cleaning, gutter cleaning, low pressure house washing, non pressure roof cleaning. Serving Cambridge, Easton, Saint Michaels, Oxford, Chestertown, Annapolis, Ocean City, Centerville.

Treat your home right with spot Services Deluxe cleaning treatments. We will clean the mildew right off of your home with low pressure. This method is safer and more effective than using a high pressure pressure washing system.

If you have black streaks or mold / moss growing on your roof call us for your non pressure roof cleaning treatment. Our procedure features a chemical process applied with very little pressure which instantly bring the shingles appearance back to life. This method also does not cause any damage whatsoever to the shingle surface and is backed up by our exclusive three-year guarantee. If any streaks or Moss return within the next three years we will clean it free of charge.

Our gutter cleaning services are offered at three different service levels.  Basic service consists of removing all Leaf debris from all visible gutters and downspouts in disposing of it sanitarily. Power Deluxe service features the addition of a low pressure water flush to make sure that there are no blockages and everything is Running Free and Clear. Are premium service features the use of a high pressure water flush which brings the gutters functionality to like-new Performance removing all shingle grit and embedded dirt.

Call spot services for your next window cleaning. We clean windows in Easton and Cambridge and all over the Eastern Shore. We also offer three different levels of service. Basic includes the washing of the exterior of your home’s Windows. Deluxe features both and interior and exterior window cleaning and the white down of the window-sills. Are premium service is both interior and exterior plus the removal and washing of all the screens and the wiping down of the entire frames of the windows.

Call spot Services now to schedule your next estimate, estimates are always free. 410-822-4144



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adminSpring is here!

Window Cleaning, With Discounts!

Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning

Your windows will gleam with our professional service.

Most homeowners and business owners dread the task of cleaning their windows.  It certainly is a chore, and without the right equipment can even be dangerous.  We’ve cleaned windows for more than 10 years and pride ourselves in the efficient, orderly manner in which we get the job done.

The way we clean.

We clean windows for hundreds of homes owners in the area, and as you can see from the portfolio below, we service homes of all sizes and shapes.  The methods used vary from job to job, but generally all glass is cleaned one of two ways – the squeegee method, or a purified water system.

The Squeegee Method is done hands on, and we use a window scrubber to agitate the loose debris and dirt, then dry it with a professional squeegee.  Most first time cleanings are done this way, because it allows close inspection of the glass for the possible need for a restoration service, hard water removal or construction cleanup.

Pure Water Cleaning features the use of a multi sectional pole, and a water purification system.  It allows us to clean windows from the ground, without ladders, and leaves the windows spot-free!

Custom Tailored for you!

We offer both internal and external cleaning, screen cleaning and track cleaning – and we can build packages with our other services like gutter cleaning, concrete cleaning, house washing and roof cleaning, to help keep your property looking its best.  We also offer construction cleanup and hard water stain removal services as well.  As a matter of fact the more often you have your windows cleaned, the more you save!

Frequency Discounts

Every 6 Months – Save 20%

Every 4 Months – Save 25%

Every 3 Months -Save 30%


Give us a call – 410-822-4144 and let us help you keep your home/property looking its best.  If you’d like a price quote right now, click the blue buton at the top or our site, and fill out the form.  It’ll take less than a minute, and is customized just for you!

We provide expert window washing services in Easton as well as both sides of the Chesapeake Bay, and across the Delmarva Peninsula. Call us now to find out more! 410-822-4144

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adminWindow Cleaning, With Discounts!

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning now Offered!

Roof Cleaning In Progress Chestertown Maryland

Roof Cleaning In Progress
Chestertown Maryland

If your roof has black ugly streaks, or green moss growing from it, it mght be time for a roof cleaning service.  Those black streaks are actualy a form of algae that consume the ingredients used to manufacture your roof.  Over time, the algae can green moss can cause roof damage, requiring premature replacement.

Our non-pressure method uses a biodegradable solution that kills the algae and moss dead in its tracks, and restores the original appearance of your roof, typically the same day it was performed.   Non- Pressure means just that…. No high pressure is EVER used on your roof.  The pressure used to apply the soaps is comparable to the water pressure coming from a garden hose.  It is nearly impossible to cause damage with that low of a pressure rating.  The green moss bunches you see will actually die instantly and turn white and brown.  We DO NOT remove them! They literally have a shallow root system that has grown and attached itself into your shingles, and removing them would be comparable to removing a band-aid or a scab on your arm, and could be considered “painful” to your roof.  What does happen, is that over the course of the next few days after the roof wash, the root system withers and the moss will simply fall off with the next rainstorm, without causing damage to the roof.  This is the safest way to clean a roof at this time, and is also the most effective.  As a matter of fact, the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer Association) recommends the cleaning methods that we use, as well as the PWRA (Pressure Washing Resource Association).

If you would like a custom, no obligation estimate for your roof, please call us at 410-822-4144 for a no obligation estmate, or follow the questionare found by clicking the “Give ME A Bid” button at the top of this page for an INSTANT quote.

As always…. Thanks A LOT for choosing Spot Services…..

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adminLow Pressure Roof Cleaning now Offered!