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Low Pressure Roof Cleaning in Easton

Roof cleaning in Easton, Cambridge, Salisbury and surrounding areas.

By now you’re probably familiar with the fact that a roof can be cleaned.  Many companies advertise the service and its become a necessity for home insurance coverage with some providers. The bleack streaks and green bunches are actually algea and moss that feed off of components in the shingles.  That feeding can lead to premature shingle failure and the need for early roof replacement.

A dirty roof. It's actually an algae that eats away at the shingles.

A dirty roof. It’s actually an algae that eats away at the shingles.

Roof Moss.

Moss on a roof can take away years of shingle life.

-Some homeowners decide to tackle the project themselves. They think that by renting a pressure washer, climbing up on the roof and pressure blasting the moss and black streaks away that they have fixed it, but they haven’t solved the problem.  Unfortunately not only have they not solved the problem, they have actually reduced the life of the roof and possibly caused damage.

This will undoubtedly takes YEARS of life away from the shingle.

This will undoubtedly takes YEARS of life away from the shingle.

    Even worse….

Yes it’s a sad scenario when the homeowner decides to pressure wash a roof. Not only could it lead them to cause roof damage but they put the risk of them falling and hurting themselves at very high levels.  The expense in hiring a contractor to do the job is little compared to accrued hospital bills after an accident.  However something even worse transpires besides the homeowner doing it themselves. That’s when a company who claims to know how to clean a roof causes the same irreversible damage, on the homeowners dime.  There are companies out there who will gladly come to your house with a pressure washer and blast the life out of it thinking that are giving you a quality service. There are also companies who advertise a roof shampoo. This is simply a different form of pressure washing. They don’t use high pressure, but they do use pressure. And that’s the point!

"Roof Shampoo" companies use a degreaser and pressure on the asphalt shingles.

“Roof Shampoo” companies use a degreaser and pressure on the asphalt shingles.  Compromising the integrity of the roof.

Going against the flow- The reasoning for pressure free…

In order to clean a roof properly you have to address the problem. Dirt is not the problem! On a concrete or brick surface a pressure washer would be ideal to remove the built-up dirt and grime that has settled- we know, since we do that too. “Roof shampoo” services simply spray a heavy duty degreaser on, yes, your asphalt / tar-based roof, and use a pressure washer at a lower setting.  Although it may look clean, this process causes serious roof damage as you can imagine. Not only does it remove shingle grit with pressure, but it compromises the integrity of the core substance the shingle is made of, asphalt.  Some contractors I know have provided a gutter cleaning shortly after a “Roof shampoo” company service, horrified to find masses of newly shed shingle grit in the gutters.  On a roof microscopic growth is the problem-not dirt,  and to properly clean a surface that has living matter on it the living matter has to be neutralized, or killed- not blasted away.

How to properly clean a roof…

Historically, in agricultural societies, when one cilture conquered another they would not only kill the people and their livestock, they would also ‘salt their fields’, causing the field to become sterile for many years.  That practice really was as simple as it sounds, mixing salt into the soil, making it difficult-even impossible to yield any crops for several years.  And that my friends is the key behind appropriately cleaning your roof the right, SAFE way.

Low pressure roof cleaning.

Low pressure roof cleaning.

Our low pressure system uses a pump with a psi comparable to your garden hose, and a salt based alkaline solution that immediately neutralizes the growth on the roof.  By treating the roof in this manner you get to the true cause of the problem.  As stated earlier, pressure washing does not treat the problem, because the algae and Moss spores are still alive and well on the shingles. However our low pressure alkaline solution kills the Moss and algae at its root immediately, giving you a truly thorough and effective cleaning. When we provide your roof cleaning not only do we guarantee that all the Moss and algae will be gone, we give you a three year 100% guarantee. If any black streaks or green algae happen to return on your roof within the three-year period we will come and clean that area free of charge.  Similar to salting someone’s field, cleaning someone’s roof has long-lasting effects.

If you would like your roof in Easton, Salisbury, Cambridge, Saint Michaels, Oxford, Stevensville, Chestertown, or Centreville cleaned just give us a call and we can set you up with a no cost estimate.

Dirty roof in Cambridge Maryland

Moss on a roof in Cambridge Maryland

Completed roof cleaning in Cambridge.

Completed roof cleaning in Cambridge.

As always, thanks A LOT for choosing Spot Services!


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