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Roof cleaning in Annapolis Maryland

Roof Cleaning in annapolis Maryland

roof cleaning in Annapolis maryland

Roof cleaning in Annapolis Maryland.

Our professional roof cleaning services are available for all Annapolis maryland Residents. You’ll take comfort knowing the detergents we use are what’s recommended by the shingle manufacturers themselves.  Our low pressure process removes the black staining immediately and kills the green algae’s and lichen, leaving them for dead.  They generally will rinse off within the next few rainstorms, but sometimes might take a few months due to their root structure.

The soap we use is applied using a pump rated around 100 psi, which is way less than a pressure washer.  What that means is our process is completely safe for the surface of all roofs, and will not be a cause for leakage!  The soap is applied and left to do its job.  The next rainstorm will rinse the roof and leave it looking even better than before.

Roof Cleaning in Annapolis Maryland, You’ll See The Difference!

The best time of the year to do a roof cleaning is when its above 55 degrees and less than 85 degrees.  The soap works better when its warmer outside, and if its too hot out will evaporate.  We do wear respirators and safety gear when doing a roof cleaning in Laurel maryland, mainly to protect ourselves from constant exposure to our soap.

If you need a roof cleaning service in Annapolis Maryland give us a call! 410-822-4144


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We pride ourselves on continuing education of our field, to bring you the best service.  We are associated with the window cleaning resource and other learning groups.

We’re working on expanding our service areas to Laurel and Crofton, as well as the Annapolis area.

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We are also a member of the Pressure Washing Resource Association

All of our services are 100 percent guaranteed to your satisfaction.


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