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Make sure you hire the right pressure washing and window cleaning contractor!

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Hire the right pressure washing and window cleaning company for your needs!

Spring is here!!!! – And most are getting ready for some cleaning around the house. Whether you live in Easton, Cambridge, Annapolis, Chestertown or somewhere in between, you have a large selection of companies to consider for your cleaning needs.

If your price shopping, you’ll likely receive a host of estimates, ranging from “dirt cheap”,  to “more than I’d expect” from different service providers.  That is to be expected, and here’s some reasons why:

  Business costs–  an established business generally prices things higher, due to the cost of truly professional equipment and INSURANCES, not to mention vehicle and equipment maintenance.  Their goal is not to make some quick cash for the summer, but to be there for the customer this year and the following years.  They might have started pricing things cheaper when they first began, but realized that their running costs weren’t being adequately met with their prices.  In the effort to run a true, reliable and legitimate service business, they inform the customer of their price changes and move forward.

Demand: As a reputable company grows, so does the demand for its goods.  Some companies use its “demand” as an excuse for higher prices, and you become a victim of over-paying for the name, or brand, rather than the service you are receiving.  Truly ethical companies provide excellent service at a reasonable price, and while yes, making a profit, also ensure that their running costs are met and the customers are satisfied with the results.

Education in their field of expertise:  “It’s easy to judge a book by it’s cover” is something we’ve all heard, and it really is true. Until you’ve read, examined, and studied the subject at hand, how can you be confident in the procedures and methods you have to reach the desired result?  A company educated in its field can demand a higher price because of the results it will achieve.  It can also demand a higher price because of what it won’t do- cause damage to your home or property.  Only hire people who know what they are doing, and can express their knowledge through intelligent conversation.  You want someone who knows what they are doing, not a “know-it-all ” who tries to impress you with their confidence.  Ask for some insight into the problem, and possibly some photos of previously completed jobs.

I’m Scott the owner of Spot Services, and I can honestly say here at Spot Services your projects are important to us, and we’d love to help you with them.  Throughout the years we’ve developed a solid reputation for reliable, reasonably priced, and trust-worthy work and would love to add your project to our calendar.  As you could have guessed, our prices may not always be the cheapest, but we’ve invested in our equipment and management systems to better serve our customers and always provide top-notch service we hope you’d brag about.

Think about us for your next: House washing, siding cleaning, gutter cleaning, non pressure roof cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, and hard water stain removal projects. And please remember we serve Cambridge 21613 | Easton 21601 | Hurlock 21643 | East New Market 21631 | Trappe 21673 | Vienna 21869 | Church Creek 21622 | Oxford 21654 | Royal Oak

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adminMake sure you hire the right pressure washing and window cleaning contractor!

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning now Offered!

Roof Cleaning In Progress Chestertown Maryland

Roof Cleaning In Progress
Chestertown Maryland

If your roof has black ugly streaks, or green moss growing from it, it mght be time for a roof cleaning service.  Those black streaks are actualy a form of algae that consume the ingredients used to manufacture your roof.  Over time, the algae can green moss can cause roof damage, requiring premature replacement.

Our non-pressure method uses a biodegradable solution that kills the algae and moss dead in its tracks, and restores the original appearance of your roof, typically the same day it was performed.   Non- Pressure means just that…. No high pressure is EVER used on your roof.  The pressure used to apply the soaps is comparable to the water pressure coming from a garden hose.  It is nearly impossible to cause damage with that low of a pressure rating.  The green moss bunches you see will actually die instantly and turn white and brown.  We DO NOT remove them! They literally have a shallow root system that has grown and attached itself into your shingles, and removing them would be comparable to removing a band-aid or a scab on your arm, and could be considered “painful” to your roof.  What does happen, is that over the course of the next few days after the roof wash, the root system withers and the moss will simply fall off with the next rainstorm, without causing damage to the roof.  This is the safest way to clean a roof at this time, and is also the most effective.  As a matter of fact, the ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer Association) recommends the cleaning methods that we use, as well as the PWRA (Pressure Washing Resource Association).

If you would like a custom, no obligation estimate for your roof, please call us at 410-822-4144 for a no obligation estmate, or follow the questionare found by clicking the “Give ME A Bid” button at the top of this page for an INSTANT quote.

As always…. Thanks A LOT for choosing Spot Services…..

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adminLow Pressure Roof Cleaning now Offered!